What Is Meditation?

There’s no one right way to meditate. In fact, meditation can take on many forms, whether that’s deep breathing and mindfulness, or through yoga or tai chi. Find a style that suits you.

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How Box Breathing Can Help You Destress

If you’ve ever felt anxious or overwhelmed, some well-intentioned person has probably told you, “Just breathe.” When you’re in the midst of a stressful moment, though, that can be much easier said than done. The box breathing technique, a simple but powerful method of focusing on your breath, can help you get — and stay — calm.

woman practicing box breathing and yoga
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How to Calm Your Anxiety at Night

It’s bedtime, and not a creature is stirring… except for your racing mind, that is. Why is it that even after a relatively anxiety-free day, our minds sometimes go into overdrive when our heads hit the pillow?

woman listening to music at night
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