The Health Benefits of Garlic

In addition to being delicious, garlic offers significant health benefits. From boosted immunity to treating sore muscles, garlic is a powerhouse of wellness.

healthy diet, garlic, skin care, inflammation, garlic benefits

Can Weather Changes Make You Sick?

It never fails: When the weather turns cold, a surge of sick days follows. An expert explains how changes brought about by colder weather make us more susceptible to illness.

Woman outside walking in windy winter weather

Can Fire Cider Stop You From Getting Sick?

Trying to ward off a cold? TikTik’s wellness gurus swear by a spicy concoction made of veggies, herbs and other spices, saying it has preventative properties that can ward off illness and keep you well. A registered dietitian explains whether it works.

fire cider, immune system, spice benefits, cider, immune response, tiktok trends

What to Eat When You Have the Flu

If you’ve ever heard the old adage “Feed a cold, starve a fever,” you may be inclined to forego food when you have the flu. But forget what you’ve heard. Healthy food is exactly what your body needs to stay strong enough to fight off the bug that’s got you down.

woman with cold drinking fluids
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